Friday, 31 December 2010

Based Aircraft Update 12-2010 (4)

A little bit of house-keeping for the new year!

The Heritage Hangar would appear to no longer be in use for the housing of aircraft (it now contains various tractors etc), and as I have seen several of the aircraft that used to live in it for sale on the internet I assume that they have moved away from the airport.
This means the following are no-long based:
G-MZLG Rans S6

The  following former inmates of the hangar are as follows:
G-CGEU Dragonfly would appear to have moved into the main hangar along with the other based flex-wing microlights.
The fate of the incomplete Jodel fuselage, which is to my knowledge still an on-going project, is at this time unknown.

Another couple of changes is the move of G-LUNG out of the main hangar and into a private container opposite the helicopter hangar & the arrival of G-CFZX a MTO Sport which lives in the helicopter hangar & is owned by a flying school on the airfield.

Other than the above changes it's been a very quiet few weeks at Barton, with the airfield being shut to fixed-wing aircraft until the last few days & then only open to based aircraft. Hopefully the weather will improve in the new year & a few good visitors will be about!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Visitors 16-12-2010

A very quiet day at Barton today.

G-BXNS Bell 206 "Pipeline 04"
The above image is a libary image.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Visitors 15-12-2010

G-BNOP Piper PA-28
G-BXNS Bell 206 "Pipeline 04"
G-CCNY Robinson R44
N141HT Cirrus Sr 22
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Based Aircraft Update 12-2010 (3)

A quick catch up of some recent changes to the based aircraft.

G-RVRY would appear to have left again with the return of G-RVRU.
G-WHOA has been re-registered G-XBJT and has a new owner.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Visitors 11-12-2010

(G-CGPE) Quik GT450 Unconfirmed
G-KEVS Quik GT450
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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Visitors 09-12-2010

G-NWAA Ec 135 "Helimed 08Z/A"
G-OMCC As350
G-RIDA As355
G-???? (Bell 206) "Pipeline 04"
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Based Aircraft Update 12-2010 (2)

Another minor change with the based flying school aircraft...

It appears that G-BZXJ has returned to Liverpool and G-CBCN has replaced this. It is confirmed that G-CBCN is present however G-BZXJ has not yet been confirmed to have left.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Visitors 08-12-2010

The first day of any real activity scince the arrival of the bad weather front!

G-RIDA As355 "Grid 04"
G-MWYE Rans S6
All above images are libary images

Based Aircraft Update 12-2010

A notice of a changed in based aircraft

G-RVRU PA-38 has been replaced by G-RVRY, I do not yet know if this is perminant or just for maintance.